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About Jiangsu University:

Jiangsu University (JSU) was founded in 1902 as a part of Sanjiang Normal University. It was retitled as Jiangsu University by integrating Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang Medical College and Zhenjiang Teachers’ College with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China in August, 2001. The university’s undergraduate teaching was graded excellent by the Ministry of Education in 2004. It has developed to be a national comprehensive key university. According to the Evaluations of China’s Universities in 2017 by China Academy of Management Science, JSU is ranked 41. It is committed to cultivating talents with 4C (Confidence, Communication, Cooperation and Creation). Now the university is launching the new orientation of schooling for high-level, research-oriented university with strength of engineering and strategy of internationalization.

JSU offers 88 undergraduate programs, 170 master programs, and 42 PhD programs in 10 academic fields: Engineering, Science, Management, Economics, Medicine, Law, Education, Literature, Art and History. The university has 13 post-doctoral research stations. Distinguished among its peers for its academic rigor, the 24 schools are competing and collaborating with each other for a high-level, research-oriented university with distinctive features and internationalization strategy.

JSU has 5,763 staff members (including those of Affiliated Hospital). 2,475 are faculty members, including 450 professors. 54% of them have got Ph.D degrees and over 24% have experience of overseas study. The current total enrollment of full-time students amounts to over 33,000, including 10,000 postgraduates, 1000 international students from 74 countries. Jingjiang College of Jiangsu Univesity has an enrollement of about 10000 full-time students.

JSU has been promoting high-level research. In the recent 5 years, the total scientific research fund amounts to 2.789 billion RMB, sponsored by the governments and enterprises. The number of authorized is ranked 6 among China’s universities. Five disciplines have been ranked as top 1% in ESI, such as Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Materials Science, Chemistry and Agricultural Science. Drawing on the big varieties of programs and multi-disciplinary strengths, we operate an array of research institutes and centers serving as both the academic think tanks and technological innovation source at the national and regional levels.

JSU gives priorities to the internationalization of the schooling, encouraging faculty members and students to go abroad for further studies, inviting more global talents to join us for mutual benefits, promoting international research collaboration as well as recruiting more overseas students.

JSU has signed institutional cooperation agreements with 128 universities in 33 countries and regions by May 2017. The Confucius Institute co-built by JSU and Graz University (Austria) has been operating smoothly since October 2010, followed by the opening of the collaborative Chinese-German Language and Culture Center.

(1) Brand: JSU is one of the most popular Universities in China that has built on its brand and nurtured a cordial and warm relationship with its international students. The JSU brand encompasses a robust educational and social system that makes students confident, competent, develop requisite character and discipline.

(2) Tuition:

JSU offers qualitative education with the most affordable tuition fees tailored to meet the demands of each course and help in realizing your aspirations, career objectives and academic goals.

(3) Location: JSU enjoys close proximity to major International Airports and cities like Shanghai and Nanjing. Zhenjiang can be described as a “home away from home”. The people, facilities, amenities, weather, economic and social conditions have remained a major attraction to foreigners and students.

(4) Diversity of International Students: You have a first hand experience and opportunity to integrate with other international students from across the globe. This rich experience and community offers a unique opportunity to learn and share cultural values and avenue to develop long lasting friendship and relationships.
The robust blend of international students helps stimulates intellectual exchange, discussions and overall development of each student.

(5) Language Exchange: International Students from across the globe all reside in en-suite apartments. The spatial closeness fosters opportunities to learn a new language, develop a new skill and have study partners from across the globe.

(6) Appreciation Of Chinese Cultures and Language: Been in China positions you to experience the warm love and rich culture of the Chinese people. Whatever course or degree you opt to pursue, JSU offers you customized classes in Chinese language, culture and overview of China to help your smooth integration into the society. Knowledge of Chinese language equips you with competences to meet the current demands of life and also opens several doors of opportunities.

(7) Practical Training and Internship: Each course offers you real-life practical experience that facilitates grasping the basic knowledge and exposure prepares you for life after completion of your program. Opportunities for internship placement in Chinese companies also give you practical exposure to Chinese work ethics and working cultures.

(8) Amiable Environment: JSU facilities are state of the art and make student’s life conducive for learning and enhancement of total, physical, social and emotional well being. Our students are able to develop their latent talents and excel in all spheres of Life.

(9) Student Course Advisors: Each student is assigned to a course advisor who guides, counsels and monitors their progress. This model ensures that students remain focused and enjoy the same parental guidance with their personal advisors.

(10) Social Associations and Groups: The presence of student groups and associations in JSU fosters bonding, guidance and discovery of talents among students. These associations organize periodic activities to engage the students through avenues to develop their social and psychological well being.

(11) Job and Career Prospects: Majority of JSU graduates excel in their chosen disciplines and secure jobs of their dreams, while those who choose to develop their entrepreneurial skills and start their own business find it much easier than the average student in their respective home countries.

JSU ranked 47th in the 2016 Global University Rankings

Recently, CWTS of Leiden University released its 2016 Global University Rankings, which are based on the thesis database in the Web of Science from 2011 to 2014. The rankings evaluate universities according to the number of published papers and 50%, 10% or the top 1% of paper citations in various fields. There are 842 universities from all over the world on the rankings list in total. China takes 133 spots, including 108 in Mainland China, 6 in Hong Kong, and 19 in Taiwan. The thesis data from the Web of Science shows that in the past four years, JSU posted 2,586 theses in the Web of Science.

189 rank among the top 10% of paper citations, placing JSU at 47th in Mainland Chinese Universities and 6th in Jiangsu Province.

Leiden University, one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, was founded in 1575. As one of the most venerable institutions of higher education in the Kingdom of the Netherlands it has produced a large number of outstanding thinkers who affect the process of human civilization including Descartes, Rembrandt Long, Spinoza. Other scientific and literary masters include Lorentz, Einstein, Fermi and other 16 Nobel Prize winners, America’s sixth president John Quincy Adams, the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, South African President Nelson Mandela, nine other heads of state, the current Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and 10 other leaders of the Netherlands. The rankings of global universities released by Leiden University CWTS, is an authoritative globally recognized ranking.

JSU Ranked 48th among Chinese Universities in 2016

Jiangsu University was ranked 48th among all the universities in China according to the 2016 Evaluations of China’s Universities by the China Academy of Management Science. It is the first time JSU entered Top 50.

In recent years, Jiangsu University began to focus heavily on advanced research with a strong emphasis on engineering and a strategy of internationalization. This focus insists on emancipation of the mind with creativity and a forward thinking attitude. These efforts have now born fruit with remarkable development in educational quality and instructional proficiency.

iangsu University Ranking – CWUR 2016

Institution Name Jiangsu University
Native Name 江苏大学
Location China
World Rank 955
National Rank 77

10 more rows

Jiangsu University Ranking | CWUR 2016


Jiangsu University World University Rankings 


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