International Economics and Trade

International Economics and Trade

Study International Economics and Trade in China

Chinese Universities offering Program in English:

 Shenyang Aerospace University 

South China University of Technology 

Introduction of Program:


Introduction: This Program systematically introduces the Marxist economic basic principles, fundamental theories of the international economy and the international trade, international trade, development of contemporary international economy.

Major benefits for students: The students are expected to

  • grasp the fundamental theories and analyzing methods of Marxism Economics,
  • grasp the theories and methods of macroeconomics, microeconomics, and international economics,
  • analyze using statistics,
  • comprehend economy development and trade policies of main countries and areas.
  • understand the Chinese economical policy, laws and regulations.
  • understand the development trend of international economy, international trade theory.

Core classes: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, Econometrics, Introduction of International Economy, International Trade, International Trade Practice, International Settlement, Monetary and Banking, Finance, Accounting, Statistics

Length of schooling: 4 years

Degree: Bachelor of Economics

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