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China Medical University:


The China Medical University (CMU) was the first medical school established by the Chinese Communist Party. Its precursor was the Chinese Workers’ – Peasants’ Red Army Military Medical School and Chinese Workers’ – Peasants’ Red Army Health School which had been founded in Ruijin city, Jiangxi province, in 1931. After the Long March with the red army, it moved to Shanbei.

In 1940 comrade Mao Zedong proposed, and the central committee of the Chinese Communist Party approved, the name of the school being changed to China Medical University. In July 1946 the university was ordered to enter north-east China with the army and reached Xinshan city – now Hegang city – Heilongjiang province. In November/December 1948 the whole north-east of China was liberated and the university was ordered to move to Shenyang. In 1948 and 1949 it absorbed the medical school formerly operated by the (Japanese) South Manchurian Railway Company (the South Manchuria Medical College, later called the Shenyang Medical College which had opened in 1911) and the Mukden Medical College – sometimes spelled Moukden Medical College which had been founded in 1892, see below. Shortly before it was absorbed its name was change to Liaoning Medical College.

Language of Instruction

China Medical University has been having the instruction of their medical program and other programs in English and Chinese since 1978. The English faculty was started mainly for overseas Chinese students who wanted to study medicine in China, Since CMU is a leading university it attracts Chinese faculties who have studied overseas in English and also the ones who have worked abroad for a few years.
Moreover in purist of excellence and in tune with International faculty exchange program and student exchange program the faculties are sent abroad for training and to develop learning methodology and techniques, so we ensure that the program we offer is of higher quality and standing.

Why CMU?

Since we are a reputed and top ranking University in China, we attract the best talents available in the country. As informed there are lots of faculties in our university, who have studied in Europe, USA or UK and those who have worked in the can speak English very well. More over as our University cooperate in students exchange program and faculty exchange program with universities from USA, UK and other countries so our faculty had a very good exposure to English program , English speaking students and International students

Salient Features:

  1. China Medical University was the first medical school established by the Chinese Communist Party.
  2. Recognized by World Health Organization (WHO).PMDC, GMC, PDMC, and MCI.
  3. The entire course is taught in English and authorized by the Chinese Government to conduct English language MBBS program.
  1. The syllabus entirely based on international standards.
  1. Students eligible to appear for USMLE, PLAB, PMDC and MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test.
  1. CMU is located in the modern and beautiful Chinese city of China. This has been voted as the best and beautiful city China.
  1. The MBBS course duration is 6 years. While the duration of the MD course is 3 years.
  1. Low fees and cost of living.
  1. International students already studying in large numbers.

Why Study at China Medical University:

The University ranks 4th position among nearly 150 Medical Colleges in China.

The University offers the course in English medium since 1978 (27 Years).

6,126 are professionals of different specialties.

6,126 are professionals of different specialties.

448 professors, 676 associate professors, 205 tutors for doctor students and 562 tutors for master students, 2 members of Evaluation Group         of     Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, 4 directors and 11 vice-directors, 50 members of Standing Committee.

60 Committee members of national academic societies, such as Chinese Medical Society.

CMU has 28 colleges, faculties and sections with the total number of 20,287 registered students.

5 broader disciplines of pedagogy, philosophy, natural science, medicine, management of CMU are authorized to grant degrees.

43 disciplines (specialties) are authorized to grant doctor degrees and 55 are authorized to grant master degrees.

11 specialties for undergraduates and 10specialties for higher professional techniques education.

CMU has 2 national key disciplines.  3 health ministerial laboratories; 1 national center for children rescue.

3 post-doctoral mobile stations; 3 national training centers; 2 national base for research of medicines; 10 provincial key disciplines, 12 research (treatment) centers of Liaoning province.

22 educational and research institutes or centers, 8 central laboratories of the university or its colleges; 15 independent research laboratories.

CMU now has 3 scientific technique enterprises; 3 affiliated comprehensive hospitals and 2 specialty hospitals with total beds of 3,927.

CMU occupies a total land area of 3,290,000 square meters (including new campus) with 743,000 square meters building area.

CMU has been authorized by the Education Ministry to admit foreign students since 1976.
The college has secured hostel facilities for foreign students.

Fee Structure: 

1.Duration and tuition:

Categories                            Duration              Tuition fee                       Deadline for Application

(in Chinese medium)              5 years                  42,000RMB per year          July 31

(in English medium)                6 years                  40,000RMB per year         July 31

Postgraduate (M.S.)           3 years                  42,000RMB per year         May 30

2.Other fees
1)Application fee: 800RMB;
2)Physical examination: 700RMB;
3)Residence permit: 800RMB per year;
4)Medical insurance: 800RMB per year;
5)Books: around 3,000RMB for the first year (CMU will return the extra or charge more from the students according to the actual cost);

6)Accommodation: around 7,500RMB per year for a single room. (Please visit “Campus Life—Housing and Dining” to see the hostel facilities).


There are separate facilities for Boys and girls. Well-appointed hostels with fully furnished, air-conditioned rooms made for international students. Rooms are furnished with TV, Telephone, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Radiators, Air condition and other amenities.

The hostels are given good protection by security agencies and police booths in the University.


China Medical University is located in the famous Shenyang City Shenyang, the largest city in Northeast China, is the political, economic, and cultural center of Liaoning Province. It is also an important industrial base and a famous historical city. As the host city of the 2006 International Horticultural Exposition and venue for the football (soccer) matches of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Shenyang will soon be the focus of world-wide attention.

International Students traveling to China medical University will be met at Shenyang Airport or Shenyang Railway Station by the representatives of our Company and by Staff of the University.

International students can travel to Beijing and From Beijing take a local flight to Shenyang or take a train from Beijing to Shenyang

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