Chang’an University


As a state comprehensive university, Chang’An University has a world class reputation in Highway, Civil Engineering, Transportation, Science, Architecture and Environmental Studies. In addition, the University has more than 120 thousand alumni in various fields over the past 50 years. A degree at Chang’An University is a real investment in one’s future.

The University can be traced back to the time of beginning of modern China. It received overseas students from all over the world with its fabulous disciplines.

The University is located in Xi’an, an ancient capital of many splendors. This place was known as Chang’An for a long time which was capital of over ten dynasties (emperors) in Chinese history. Chang’An literally means “Perpetual Peace” in Classical Chinese. The famous Terra-cotta warriors and horses around the burial tomb of the first emperor is just about 40km away from the campus. Xi’an as a modern city is just an ideal place to live and study.

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  • National key university of” 211″ project.
  • Directly under Central Education Ministry of Beijing.
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Chang’an University is one of the State “211 Project” key development universities. It was merged by the former Xi’an Highway University, Xi’an Engineering Institute and Northwest Institute of Construction Engineering on April 18th, 2000. Chang’an University has disciplines in engineering, science, as well as economics, management and liberal arts with engineering as its main focus. Highway transportation, land resources and environment and construction engineering are its main features.

Situated in the southern suburb of the world-famous historic city of Xi’an and surrounded by many culture and research institutions, universities and colleges, Chang’an University is literally advantageous to talents in pursuing their academic goals. The university’s five campuses (the Main Campus, Yanta Campus, Xiaozhai Campus, Weishui Campus and Taibai Campus) cover an area of 3,000 mu.

At present, the Chang’an university has 15 institutes, 2 mobile stations for postdoctoral research programs, 5 first-class discipline postdoctoral degree conferring posts, 39 second-class discipline postdoctoral degree conferring posts, 83 master degree conferring posts and 75 undergraduate majors or specialties. They cover almost all the areas in the field of highway transportation, land resources and environment and construction engineering. The university has up-to-date facilities to support teaching, scientific research and experiments. There are 2 state-level key academic disciplines, 9 provincial and ministerial key academic disciplines, and 11 provincial or ministerial key laboratories. The Chang’an University’s institute of Construction Designs and the Transportation Capital Construction Quality Supervision Company are the state Class-A qualified institutions. The high-speed automobile test ring road and comprehensive test site is the only one in China. Besides, there is one highway fieldwork practice base and some experiment and practice bases for automobiles, road machinery and construction engineering.
Chang’an University has a quality teaching staff and has assembled a large number of well-known experts and professors, including two academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, guest professors of the “Cheung Kong Scholars Program” and national and world famous scientists and professors. At present, there are more than 38,000 undergraduate and junior college students, 2,100 doctoral and master postgraduates and over 80 overseas students from countries like Germany, South Korea, Tanzania and Australia. Chang’an University has continuously been deepening its education reform and elaborately constructing a teaching and research institutional system of turning out talents.

Chang’an University’s modern gymnasium is of the first-class among colleges and universities in China. The university library houses 1,500,000 volumes of books, journals and magazines and publishes 9 journals, including Journal of China Highway, Transportation Engineering and Journal of Chang’an University.

In recent years, the average supply-demand ratio of graduates of Chang’an University reaches 1 to 8. The graduates have successfully sought their employment in various part of the nation, mainly in the fields of highway transportation, land resources and civil construction. Their jobs cover wide areas ranging from scientific research and design to teaching and management.

For the past 50 years, Chang’an University has turned out more than 100,000 talents and professionals for the nation, At present, the trait of Chang’an University graduates can be found everywhere over this vast land, on which they are striving for and seeking their future. With their whole-hearted effort and selfless devotion to the country’s prosperity, countless brave and courageous Chang’an University graduates have gained pride and reputation for their alma mater.

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