Belt and Road Scholarships

Belt and Road Scholarships

Belt and Road Scholarships

China set up a special government scholarship in 2017 to annually sponsor no less than 3,000 foreign students from countries along the routes of the “Belt and Road” initiative to study in China, CCTV reported.

The  “Belt and Road” scholarship program is reportedly an extra supplement to the existing Chinese Government Scholarships.

According to officials from China’s Ministry of Education, the new government scholarship awarded in the following three levels:
– First, ministry- and commission-level cooperation, to reserve talents in important fields, such as energy, transportation, communication, finance and maritime research;
– Second, provincial-level cooperation, to strength regional scholarship support along the routes;
– Third, employment-side cooperation, to encourage Chinese colleges and universities to cooperate with the state-owned enterprises, government sectors of “Belt and Road” nations and foreign universities to cultivate talents with specific orientations.

Statistics show that there were about 49,000 foreign students studying in China as recipients of the Chinese Government Scholarships in 2016, with those from “Belt and Road” countries accounting for more than 60%. The proportion may reach around 65% after the establishment of the new scholarship.

The Belt and Road Initiative refers to the program of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road. Proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, the development strategy and framework aim at connectivity and cooperation among Asian, European and African countries along the ancient trade routes.

In 2017  limited number of Universities of China offer Belt and Road Scholarships.Leading from them were

Sichuan University

Beijing Sports University

As part of the Belt and Road initiative by the Chinese government, Beijing Sport University has launched the Belt and Road Scholarship program. This program is designed to promote cooperation, inclusiveness, and mutual understanding and benefits between China and other Belt & Road countries.

International students who are interested in Chinese culture and sports, and in particular, those who are earnest in developing a better future between these countries, are welcome to apply for this scholarship.

Silk road the belt and road initiative scholarship Sichuan university for BS, MS and PhD under “The belt and road initiative” are now declared open for students of those countries from where this silk road connects with south Asian countries, Europe and African regions named as “21st century maritime silk road”.

The Belt and Road Initiative Scholarship Eligibility

International students who are progressing towards their Bachelor programs, master degrees or doctoral fellowships are eligible to apply for the belt and road initiative scholarship scheme. Students from countries falling in Southern Asian part, African regions and European states connecting through silk road can apply for silk road scholarship.

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